Our Impact


“Journey to Heal has been so helpful for me - both the book and the online study. It has brought me to the point where I feel that I need to be more open about my story to allow God to use it to help others.” - Lesley Crawford, Edinburgh, Scotland


What we've done:

  • We created and launched a Journey to Heal Online Study, taking women through the 7 essential steps of recovery covered in the Journey to Heal book, fostering community among women nationwide

  • We established an active local Journey to Heal Support Group at Port City Community Church in Wilmington, NC, now also serving their Leland campus

  • We have led over 100 women through our Journey to Heal Groups, and have mentored over 50 women individually 

  • We have hosted several women's retreats to restore hope and foster community, bringing women together both locally and nationwide

  • We have participated in multiple sexual trauma awareness events, educating hundreds on the issue/impact of sexual abuse and the hope and healing found in Christ.

  • We have donated over 100 Journey to Heal books to nonprofit organizations and individuals to aid in recovery

  • We have actively partnered with related ministries to combine efforts to raise awareness and help women heal

  • We launched a Spanish version of Journey to Heal - Viaje a la Sanacion. Thanks to our partners serving Latin America, this message of hope for survivors and their families is now being shared in churches, schools, and urban youth ministry programs, reaching thousands with the healing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • We launched our JTHM Mentor Training Program, and have taken 24 of our program participants through the program to train them to bring the JTH Women’s study into their communities.

The impact we've seen:

Through the caring community that has formed through our programs we have seen profound healing and transformation take place in the lives of many of our participants. Survivors have come to understand that the abuse they endured was not their fault, that they are deeply loved by God, and that healing is a process they don't have to go through alone. This understanding has alleviated anxiety, anger, and shame that has held participants back from moving forward in their faith, daily life, and relationships. 

We've seen women go from coping with their pain, by means of various addictions or self-harm, to entrusting their healing to God instead. We've watched as women, who have isolated themselves for years out of shame, authentically connect in healthy community with others. Many participants have found their voice through our programs, and have begun to empower other survivors to heal. Some of these participants include our volunteers, group leaders, mentors, and board members. Some of them include women serving their community in rehab centers, churches, schools, prisons, or ministries/nonprofits of their own. 

The greatest transformation we see in our participants is when they embrace the fact that they are not defined by their circumstances of abuse, but rather who they are as a child of God. The impact is profound and we have no doubt that the ripple effect will reach into future generations.


Partner with us...

Because of God's goodness and grace women are experiencing hope, healing, and restoration through our programs, after years of living with guilt, shame, and brokenness - not just surviving their past but learning to thrive in the abundant life they were created to live. You can help us reach our goals and have a greater impact.