What is a Journey to Heal Support Group?

A Journey to Heal Group is a support group for women, 18 and older, who are ready to take their next step in recovering from past sexual trauma. Our mentors lead women through the book, Journey to Heal: Seven Essential Steps of Recovery for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Crystal Sutherland. As a survivor of sexual abuse, Crystal knows that while the recovery process is complex, healing can happen with God’s help. Infused with biblical truths, stories of hope, and practical wisdom, this book guides readers to discover the life of wholeness God has for them. 


How does the group work?

JTH Groups are available online and in person during most of the year. Each group is limited to five participants, and runs for seven consecutive weeks. Registration is free but required. Group meetings are closed to new members after the first session. Group members will need a copy of the Journey to Heal book, a personal journal, and a copy of the Bible to participate.

Currently Available Groups

Don’t see a group near you? We have several active mentors leading groups at different times in the year, in different parts of the country. Email us at info@journeytohealministries.org and we will check to see if there is a currently active group near you!


Start a JTH Support Group in your community!

Our vision is to see JTH Groups ignite across the nation so that women who have experienced sexual trauma can know they are not alone and find hope, healing, and community in Christ. Learn more about becoming a JTH Support Group Mentor today.


What women are saying…

"For nearly fifty years, I’ve lived in a shadow from a mountain I was unable to walk out of. The shadow of past abuse. Through Journey to Heal, I came to understand, you can’t hide from your past, it is part of who you are. More importantly I understood addressing the past, isn’t dwelling on it, it’s a first step of processing through it. Journey to Heal is the tool God used to help me break down the walls of childhood sexual trauma, so true healing could take place.” – Lisa Weldrick, Leland, NC