It can end with you.

Get educated about this epidemic, its impact, and the journey to heal.


What is sexual abuse?

“Sexual abuse is any form of nonconsensual sexual contact. To be consensual it has to be capable, informed and unforced consent. This form of assault and abuse can happen to men or women of any age. Childhood sexual abuse is any contact or interaction (visual, verbal, or psychological) between a child or adolescent and an adult when the child or adolescent is being used for the sexual stimulation of the perpetrator or any other person. Sexual abuse may be committed by a person under the age of 18 when that person is either significantly older than the victim or in a position of power/control over the child/adolescent.” - Dr. Dan Allendar, author of The Wounded Heart

How can I protect my family?

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Visit The Mama Bear Effect to find down-to-earth educational resources that help families and communities raise awareness and protect children from the threat of sexual abuse with easy to use tools and materials to help spark conversations shift the cultural mindset of silence and shame to courage and compassion.

I’m a survivor, or love someone who is. Where can I get help?

Whether you are a survivor or love someone who is, you are not alone and there is hope for healing. Visit our homepage to learn more about available resources, support groups, and our Christ-centered programs for women and their families.

Other websites we recommend for insight or assistance.

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