Vision & Impact

 Our vision is to see the cycle of abuse broken and hope restored in the lives of all women who have experienced sexual trauma. 


Goals for 2019

  • To continue to grow our current ministry efforts, both in the U.S. and abroad

  • To equip and empower women to help others heal by establishing our Mentor Training Program and providing the tools needed to effectively break the silence and raise awareness within their own communities

  • To continue to network with like organizations and foster community through the partnerships we develop

  • To see Journey to Heal Support Groups ignite and become established in churches and organizations nationwide, starting within Wilmington, NC.

  • To continue to raise awareness in our community of the issue and aftermath of sexual violence, and the need for hope and healing by hosting various awareness and fundraising events in Wilmington and surrounding areas

Help Us Grow

Partner with us in this effort and help us grow our programs so that we can provide more women with the resources, care, and community to lead them to the hope and healing found in Jesus Christ. Your financial contribution helps us sustain our efforts and make a positive impact in the lives of many.