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This month we are highlighting an important new resource written by survivor, author and advocate, Mary E. DeMuth, on how the church can respond redemptively to the sexual abuse crisis. It's called WeToo, and it is so much more than a book...it is a movement to equip the body of Christ with the resources and tools needed to become a safe haven for victims and survivors.

In light of the #MeToo movement. and all of the stories of sexual abuse and harassment that are coming out in all sectors of society, the church needs to know how to respond with grace and truth. The challenge is not in having the desire to help the hurting, as much as is how to go about it in a redemptive way.

WeToo, by author and advocate Mary E. DeMuth, is written in response to this crisis, and it is designed to help equip the Body of Christ to be the safe haven of hope for victims and survivors that it is meant to be.

Through this book, readers will learn…

  • What the Bible says to the sexually exploited.

  • What harms and what empowers those who have been traumatized by abuse.

  • How Jesus provides us a relational framework that welcomes victims, decries secrecy, forsakes reputation management, and deals justly with perpetrators.

  • How to see if your church is moving toward becoming a safe place.

We cannot recommend it enough, and we want to encourage you to get a copy…read it…and let it change the way you think about this issue and how to respond to those who have been wounded in this way.

The book releases on August 13th, but it is available now for pre-order via WeToo.org. When you visit www.wetoo.org you will find helpful insight about the book, as well as a myriad of resources available to survivors, supporters, and the church.

We are very fortunate to partner with Port City Community Church here in Wilmington, NC, where victims and survivors are loved and cared for well through the CARE Ministry provided. The heart of the church leadership is to see and listen to the needs of the hurting in our community - be it physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, drug addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, infidelity, divorce, unplanned pregnancy, and more.

But, this is not true of many churches in America and that is why this #WETOO movement is so important.

Will you join us in helping to change the narratives and shatter the stigma concerning sexual abuse?

Change begins within. Purchase a copy of WeToo, and let it change in you.

Walking alongside,

Crystal Sutherland


To learn more about WeToo, visit www.wetoo.org. If you live in the Wilmington area and would like to have our team come and present on this topic to your church leadership, or congregation, contact Crystal at info@journeytohealministries.org.