This Mother's Day

Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day

by Crystal Sutherland

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate. It's a day to buy flowers and give gifts to the one who gave birth to you, fed you, clothed, you, and raised you. For dads it's also a day to celebrate the mother of their children. It's family pictures, and fond memories shared. 

It is all this and more for many...but in reality, not for some.

More and more I am seeing how important it is to recognize these national days are not celebrations for all. This is particularly true of Mother's Day.  For some, this day is a reminder of the loss of their mother or the loss of a child. For some it is a reminder of an estranged or strained relationship. And for some, it is a reminder of abandonment, betrayal, abuse and neglect they suffered or inflicted on another. 

These are hard places for people to be in, and there are no easy answers or solutions. But there is grace for all. Through Christ, we have hope no matter what our story might be.

This Mother's Day consider those in your life who may not be able to celebrate.

Be kind.

Extend grace.

If you’re a mom who has made mistakes in the past…if you live with regrets and feelings of shame and guilt over choices you’ve made with your children, know this…you are loved. There is grace for you, in Christ. There is hope for healing and restoration, in him. There are better days ahead.

At JTHM we celebrate the good in all moms, no matter their story…for bringing us into this world… for the sacrifices they made…and the love they have given.

So, this Mother’s Day, no matter what your circumstances might be…celebrate the life you have been given. And if you’re a mom, celebrate the life you gave!

Happy Mother’s Day from all your friends at Journey to Heal Ministries,