Live in Love

Do you live like you're loved?

The truth is, love is challenging. We all struggle with it on some level because we've all been hurt, abused, betrayed, abandoned or mistreated in some way. It's an unfortunate part of the human experience. While we're not defined by these experiences, they can shape how give and receive love - especially God's love!

But what if we decided to trust God, and simply choose to live in love? 

What if we chose to see ourselves the way God see’s us?

What if we looked at others through the lens of His love and compassion, instead of our own insecurities and fears?

Those are HUGE “what if’s” and they are just a few of what we’ll be talking about at this year’s Hope Restored Women’s Conference taking place in November.

Whether you are local to NC, or live across the country, consider joining us for the 4th Annual Hope Restored Women's Conference - LIVE IN LOVE, being held at the beautiful Doubletree Oceanfront Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. Come to the coast for this special weekend and be inspired by stories of hope, encouraging times of worship, rest and reflection.

Who should attend Hope Restored?

Hope Restored is an annual women's conference especially designed for wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, leaders, teachers, and any woman who desires to bravely step into the abundant life God has for her.

What will you gain from attending?

  • Powerful messages to ignite your passion and purpose

  • Inspiration for your journey to heal

  • Tools to help you discover your true identity

  • Resources to help you grow in your faith

  • Opportunities to make new and lasting friendships

  • Restored hope for the future!

Whether you're new to Hope Restored, or a part of our growing sisterhood, we would love to see you there!

Early-bird registration is now open through June 1st. Register below to save your seat!