Kaely's Story

Kaely Leeyer

"I have found my voice and I will forever stand on the truth that set me free!" 

By Kaely Leeyer, JTH Group Leader
Scarsdale Community Baptist Church
Scarsdale, NY

If you are looking for healing from sexual abuse, Journey to Heal is absolutely the book for you! I came across this book and it changed my life. In every chapter God gave me life experiences to correlate to my own, and to help me grow. I received tremendous healing from Christ, a deeper intimate relationship with Him, not to mention a newfound sense of my true identity. I received so much healing that at one point God called me to start a group for survivors and He told me “heal and be healed.” I had no idea what I was in store for but I know being obedient to God is the best decision we could ever make. I reached out to thank Crystal on Facebook for this book, and share that I was going to start a group as a Life Coach.

Later, I wrote in my journal...“Lord, it would be amazing to work with her someday.” 

God was on the move! I had no idea that Crystal would respond at all, much less, to inform me she has already laid down the foundation for JTH groups and I simply needed to step into a leadership role and say yes! It was unbelievable the way doors started opening! Everything started aligning in divine timing and perfect harmony.

I asked my dear friend, and pastor’s wife, Nicki to take this journey with me. She did, and after our group was finished she shared…

I would have never imagined that God would use me to help lead a support group for sexually abused women. When Kaely reached out for support I thought great I can do that, support! It wasn’t until we met with our church that God overwhelmed my heart with His plans. The plans that only He could orchestrate. I am forever changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. JTH is an amazing tool to guide women through their healing process. I'm so grateful to Crystal for being obedient.

Below are some testimonies shared with me by two of our group members. With their permission, I want to share them here with you….

Just when I was about to enter death's door, God intervened, said "not today" and lead me through a different door...into a new church, where I hid in the last row, looking for the smallest glimmer of hope, any sign from God that I shouldn't give up. That very morning, two courageous women announced the start of a JTH group. Something about them standing up and speaking up in front of the entire congregation sparked just enough hope in me to give it a try. The journey wasn't always easy, but so rewarding. I received healing like I never thought possible, through Christ and my sisters in faith; breaking chains of darkness, pain and lies and replacing them with love, light and truth. I am blessed with a new life in Christ, a forever family in faith and a hope and a future in the Lord. Thank you, Crystal, for JTH and for being His hands and feet on earth. - Doris, Group Member

The JTH meetings were like taking a shower after a long day at the beach with dark sand. Every meeting was like more soap on a sponge that I needed to wash all the dirty, dark particles off my skin. Some meetings were gentle and easy, but some were hard to deal with. I held so many dark memories and struggles in me, that were coming out so strong and clear now. But nothing like Jesus' blood to wash out every last fragment of dirty sand from my body and soul. My spirit reconnected to the Holy Spirit more and more because I was being cleaned of all those bad memories that were pulling me down, keeping me from growing spiritually. My fears and shame were replaced by confidence and gratitude. Those oppressive memories no longer have power over me. The healing brought me closer to the Lord. He set my spirit free from those dirty secrets, from all the guilt that was not mine to carry. Through JTH, I learned how the abuse affected my life in ways I could never understand without the knowledge explained in the book and meetings. I got to process my emotions freely and learned to always look to Jesus, because He has the power to heal, for He is good and He cares. Thank you Jesus, for JTH. - Tabitha, Group Member

If you are ready to commit to the journey to heal, this will be the best decision of your life. Refuse to be the victim of your circumstances. JTH will take you from victim to survivor and beyond to THRIVE because Jesus WILL heal you. It will not always be easy, but it absolutely will be worth it! Thank you Jesus and thank you Crystal for saying yes to God!

We are eternally grateful.


Kaely’s Testimony of Hope and Healing


Watch Kaely’s full testimony as she shares her story of hope and healing from years of sexual abuse, drug addiction, depression, and anger. Be aware parts of her video share things that could be triggering for some. Overall, it is a powerful testimony of God’s redeeming work in her life! Thank you Kaely for sharing your your journey with us, and the hope you have found in Jesus Christ. We are all cheering you on, and to God be all the glory, honor, and praise!

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