Providing Hope for #MeToo - October 16th!

Lunch & Learn 2

Whether we see it in the headlines or listen to the heartbreaking #MeToo story of a friend, sexual abuse is an ongoing epidemic in our culture that needs to be addressed. If you are a survivor, supporter, pastor, teacher, or simply a concerned member of this community we invite you to join us for our lunch and learn on October 16th, as we endeavor to address this challenging topic and provide some hope for healing.

About the session: 

Our founder and president, Crystal Sutherland, along with Journey to Heal program participants and members of the JTHM Board of Directors, will share insight concerning the prevalence and impact of sexual abuse in our community, what we’re doing as an organization to offer hope, and how you can help. 

By attending, you will gain...

  • an understanding of the current issue and the impact it has on victims and society as a whole

  • an awareness of our organization and what we are doing to provide hope and healing

  • resources that will help you be a catalyst for change

We believe that by working together as a community we can make a difference in the lives of many. 

Cost: $10 

(includes a boxed lunch from Jason's Deli)


The Historic, Station No. 2 Events

602 S. 5th Avenue

Wilmington, NC 

(Free parking is available on the street or in the Cape Fear Rescue Mission parking lot)


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